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Mad Mobility | Reminders/Remaining Classes

This past Wednesday I made the call to cancel the Mobility Class. I can’t tell you how important it is to take the time to rest and practice nourishing your body, especially when you’re sick. I also take bringing sickness into a public facility very seriously; don’t do it. Some light movement can be beneficial in delivering nutrients to the body, but we must consider how much energy we’re pulling away from the healing process.

Unfortunately I am unavailable this Sunday and Coach Kermit, aka the lovely Amy Summers, will be running the Sunday classes. There will be a 10am and 4pm as usual, but there will be no Mobility Class at 11am.

Take note of the remaining Mobility Classes for 2018:

Wednesday December 12th at 7pm
Sunday December 16th at 11am
Wednesday December 19th at 7pm

I have taken the time to redefine and evolve the programming of the classes for 2019. I’m hoping to add an additional class and truly ramp up the respect and understanding of mobility training. 

If any of you could take the time to send me any feedback and questions, I will definitely take them into consideration. I truly love this passion for training the essentials of life. 

Big Love,

I’ll see ya’ll next week as I’m definitely on the mend.

Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton