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Mad Mobility | Respect it, train it.

Your idea of what mobility is, is likely influenced by the loose use of the term. I’m not entirely interested in redefining too many things in your life. Change is not always a dish easily digested. If there is one thing I could hope to influence in my time as a coach, it is your understanding of mobility. This understanding may help you respect your own, and how you are influencing it.

Mobility might be simply defined as flexibility, plus strength. Think of it as the level of capacity you have through a usable range of motion. It is your active range of motion. It is your ability to absorb and produce force. It determines how risky your choice of movement is. It is completely defined by how you train, and your lifestyle. It is influenced by inputs, both passive and active.

Passive inputs, passive results. Active inputs, active results.

Join me in our mobility class. Participate and learn how to actively influence your mobility to create real, lasting change.

It is your training, and it requires just as much time and effort.

Leave your foam rollers at home and be ready to work. 

Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton