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Mad Mobility | So what have I actually done?

Last week I posted about a few areas of focus while traveling abroad. Simply put, I reminded people to take some time to stretch, articulate, and breathe, you know, mobility maintenance and such. I hoped to encourage people to shift their efforts into things I often see neglected. I then wondered, when do I find the time?

I don’t think I’m particularly good at finding anything, but ways to say the same thing about mobility training week in and week out, if that. I’m wired for comfort as many humans of leisure are. I’d rather think about where to grab a sandwich or why me not doing something, is something. The majority of this time I have “found” for mobility stuff is available through habit. I typically just do it, and sometimes I don’t (not to be confused with forgetting to). So do I really practice what I preach?

If I didn’t practice these “techniques” for improving movement and feeling better, I’d be a dud of a coach (not to be confused with being a dud of a person). I clearly have put time into building an understanding of rotating my hip around by rotating my hip around, and talking about rotating my hip around, while reading about rotating my hip around, and then showing you how to rotate your hip around, the best way possible. But then there’s that “wired for comfort” part, that path of least resistance. Man, that’s such a chill way to go. I’ll not run through my daily controlled articular rotation for amazing joint health. I’ll not smash and massage around my muscles that are all jacked up from training (you know, Fitness) and not training (you know, sitting on your ass all day). So what happened?

Let’s take this current travel experience, mostly the Czech Republic, soon to be on route to Belgium. I set out with my typical plan to continue what I practice at home, which is pretty much the same stuff I post about all the time. And sure enough, much like at home, I dropped the fucking ball. I want a coffee, that couch looks nice, let’s sleep a little longer, I’m a grown up and can do whatever I want, oh’ we have to leave right now, sex counts as workout, pooping is squatting, I look pretty good in this mirror, breakfast is 7 to 10, look’ a squirrel. They’re not excuses, they’re just stuff, other stuff I’d rather do or not do. So what have I managed to do?

I’ve ran through my breathing practice for 15-45 minutes every damn day. I’ve done about 5-10 minutes of spinal articulations, every damn day. I’ve spent 15 minutes in a straight jacket sit, every damn day. I’ve stretched a couple times in the evening after big kilometre days. So what’s my point?

Pick up that damn ball and keep shooting. To me, the above is not everything I wanted to do. It is no where near the amount of hip and ankle work I deem necessary to feel my best. Compared to what I consider “necessary” or “enough,” I have failed. And sure enough this is another “learn from our failures” theme, and its awesome. I successfully gathered a little over an hour of mobility training every day, and failed just enough to learn how to adjust my training in the future. It is a constant learning process and the reason I feel so strongly about the process, and not the goal. 

Ball out,

Coach Chesty