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Mad Mobility | Stare Into Your Parts

The bulk of your gains will come from placing increasing amounts of tension on the tissues of the body. This is simply achieved by progressively overloading your training sessions. You need to be doing this over time by adding reps, sets, layering intensity levels, and using a variety of ways to keep your body climbing through increasing levels of tension. You must give your body a reason to adapt. Notably this is all relative to the individual and there must always be a complimenting amount of recovery work. Outside the individual variable, the concept stays the same for successful programs.

The strategy above is truly limited by ones ability to harness a mindful connection to the task and tissues involved in such a task. You must mentally focus on the area your trying to improve to yield the greatest results. This increased level of focus will not only contribute to a greater neurological response, it will aid in increasing your awareness. It helps when you know where you are in life.

One strategy without the other is inferior.

With the mobility training experienced during the Mobility Class, you’ll have this opportunity to focus on targeted areas of the body. Every so often I’ll have a few individuals day dream into space and pull their tension ( and attention) away from the target area. It can be challenging as a number of the techniques require someone to create tension inside themselves. People are fairly good at responding to external cues and objects, something right their in front of them, to react to. As much as I like to include some external references, you’ll never create the awareness and control you need without understanding whats inside.

I don’t need you to find inner piece and confront your demons. Just understand one element without the other is inferior. 

A great way to start:

Stare at the area of focus and all the contractile tissue around that area. Think of it as a staring contest with parts of your body. Visualize everything connected to that area.

Practice maximal expansive breathing (fully inhale through the nose, empty the lung fully through the mouth). The breathing will intensify your staring contest with yourself and then enhance the experience.

Feel the intensity. You might look a little creepy and a little too into it, but your mindful effort will yield more gains.


Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton