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Mad Mobility | Support isn't a crutch.

Some people see the use of a support as too easy, weak, or perhaps not the challenge that yields change. It can lend itself to the notion dependency. From there, someone may appreciate the support in the beginning, but ultimately want to grow out of it. Understand there is value to expressing one’s self, independent from everyone else. I’ve come to learn that support can yield so much more when two willing parties create something great, together. 
I’ve become a tad more reclusive in my thirties. Perhaps I’ve just come to appreciate my quiet time, or am just understanding I don’t need to hang out with everybody. I do know I do quite well surrounded by individuals that provide support in the categories that don’t come easy to me. Using that support I’m able to position myself to become more successful on my own. 
I have key relationships in place that provide everything from a kick in the ass to some much needed empathy. It may just be having a warm body next to you in the evening. It very likely be the need to hold onto something while rotating one of your hips around in a controlled manner. 
These supports are effectively there to increase the value of what you’re working on. They put you in a scenario to succeed, or provide optimal inputs and outputs. They give you sensory feedback to enhance your critical thinking or value the space around you. 
I get to pick up my lovely lady from the airport tomorrow evening. As much as I appreciate the 10 days of bachelor life, I understand I’m getting something way more valuable back in my life. We have and will continue to work together to yield more from one another. 
I choose to hold onto a sturdy support when I perform my hip rotations. Squeezing the support with my arms creates a external cue. That allows me to irradiate more tension through my body, whilst providing feedback as to how much my body wants to twist. It keeps me honest and enriches the value of the drill. I have and will continue to work together to irradiate more tension and provide my nervous system with more signals. 
One helps me become the best man I can be. The other, does pretty much the same thing, but for mobility. 
And when you find something this good, you hold on tight.
Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton