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Mad Mobility | Taking more walks.

Taking more walks.


Sure some of them are at 5am for a quick pee. I’m sure this year will come with plenty “dog life” references. I say it still feels good to get back into walking. It’s one of those, ‘old timers’ do it for a reason. It’s the repetition that makes it significant.


From September I had become increasingly more sedentary. Moving around a bunch, but still by my standards, less than. Much more driving. The repetition wound the body up as the weeks past by, months. Enter my first legit rain coat, and the dog. 


Here I am walking 2-4 additional times per day, not including a likely walk to work, and return trip. You have to consider all the repetition. Think of the eligible weeks of routine you may have. Whatever you choose to commit to this new year, repetition is the only way to make it worth while. 70 minutes at the end of your week may not be as valuable as 10 minutes a day. Adaptation needs consistency, frequency. Intensity is often over done.


The cells of your body are in a constant state of regeneration. Billions of cells living to die and dying to live. All reforming to create a new you. They will remodel themselves off of what you do and how you do it. Your mobility is the result.


Taking more walks.


Coach Chesty

Emile Maxwell Connaughton