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Mad Mobility | The best apology.

The best apology is changed behaviour.

Your body doesn’t feel sorry for you. She’s wondering why you let this happen in the first place, likely questioning if you spent even a moment thinking about it, before you made the decisions that led to this. I mean, is anybody really surprised at the outcome. She’s not even made, just disappointed. This happens time after time.

What could you possibly say? What could she possibly hear, to smooth over this injustice? I mean, your not really that surprised. This was bound to happen. Although so and so had my back on this one, but they also found themselves in the dog house. Who are you kidding, this was clearly going to be the outcome. Now you're just sorry about the whole situation. An apology just won’t suffice.

So your hips suck, and your body isn’t impressed. It’s time to make a change. You’re not going to let this happen again. You’ve done this to your shoulder one too many times. You’re ready to establish the habits that will create resilience for the ages. Now actually do it.

Mobility Class. 60 minutes to change the way she looks at you, forever. The habits that will change the way you feel, forever.

Too simple? Face it, ya'll don't get the basics.

Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton