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Mad Mobility | Throwback Post Circa 2014

I would definitely change a handful of things throughout this write up. Many aspects still ring true. No matter how much time passes, I'll always want to update my current state of mind. Maybe you'll find some guidance with this old tidbit from one of my original blog posts. You may at the least get an idea of where my head was at 5 years ago. Big love to ya'll.

The Bigger Picture

I wish you saw the bigger picture
This is a marathon of a process; I’m talking physical and mental development. Many opportunities arise for us to make an easy advance; however, the transition can feel rushed, and our desire often dominates our capability. You see the handstand push up, the muscle up, and the huge lifts. Fun is in our interaction and patience with progression. Blown attempts, blind adherence, and rushed movement, will leave you lying in chalk. Knowing it takes 8 years to Mastery, why would you attempt to get there in 8 weeks?
Clear as day but you don’t see the vision,
What we got deserves some patience,
Cuz this ain’t no finger painting
Addressing mobility is laying the foundation in all areas for you to move freely. Joe Montana would practice drop back drills that would bore high school football players to death. Wax on, wax off; Mr Miyagi drove one boy crazy with simple tasks before revealing their application. Progression, transition, substitution, activation, supplemental, accessory and corrective exercises should make up the bulk of your program. Advance simple exercise difficulty instead of leaping to the next progression. Add load, change tempo, or increase volume; otherwise, you’ll have to regress.
Beautiful and modern all the same,
But what’s a photo if it’s out of frame
You have attainable dreams; however you must chase what’s in view before arriving at your destination. Functional range is something rarely sought after on the road to movement. That round back has held up for years, yet your lifts haven’t risen significantly. Working hard through a difficult repetition is crucial, but cut the set before it gets ugly. Just because you managed to irk through it, doesn’t mean you made a healthy adaptation. Ingraining motor patterns is the same way you ingrain values. Integrity is built through character, not charisma. 
If I make it I’ll come back to get you,
I’ll paint all the world for you,
This is what I do, what we do. As movement coaches we study and apply the science. We challenge and experiment with techniques of old, and new. We’ve learned hands on, through injury, and know what works and what doesn’t. Through our environment we are able to find the most effective ways of progressing. We program, address, reposition, and cue you for greatness. 
Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton