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Mad Mobility | Thursday Thoughts

Likely brought to you by Monday or Tuesday. You might be reading this on Friday though. It doesn't matter, they're just my thoughts on more mobility stuff. Valuable at any time.
Increase these dudes work space, and/or increase the work they do in the space. This is basically my only true thought during my programming construction. 
Mobility training is likely the best way to describe the mobility class; so is, Coach Chesty makes you hold strangely difficult positions for a bunch of unnecessary time, and then asks you to move again. 
The things you are asked to do may be designed to increase your range of motion, like adding more square footage. This gives you more work space. 
The things you are asked to do may be designed to increase your strength in the range of motion you already have, like putting useful things or using that square footage. This gives you a greater ability to do work. 
The goal is having enough range of motion to successfully access the things you want to be good at, and have surplus of strength in that range of motion. 
You can’t build strength in positions you can’t access. You don’t just want to have empty space. 
It’s all mobility. 
Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton