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Mad Mobility | Updates & Reminders

Words for the week:

In the beginning, I looked around and could not find the body I'd been dreaming of: a strong, flexible range of motion that uses energy efficiently. So I decided to build it myself.

This is a marathon process. With the bodies taking physical and mental strikes, it’s important to win a few races as we cruise towards the bigger picture. When the space between wins increases, we often go looking for them. Our desire can take over our capability.

My body should always be something special. I expect extraordinary results when it comes to it’s development. To achieve this, today and in the future, I will rely on proven technique to create lasting change, and the true grit to see it through.

Showing up and doing the right thing is the measurable. That true grit has the ability to will one forward and is something better defined as the un-measurable.  One is truly made up of their un-measurables. I like to think this community is made up of mostly those, and in turn allows us to blast those measurables out of the park.

Stay on point.

Programming shift for next week:

May 8th through June 18th will compliment the strength and conditioning in our class programming. You can expect notable improvements towards rope climbs, jerks, front squats, and anything shoulders. Bring the grit.


Reminder of what we do Saturdays at 11:30am-1pm:


Breathing can increase oxygen saturation in the tissues and make the body more adaptable to absorbing oxygen. This can aid in up-regulating the parasympathetic nervous system, responsible for stimulation of "rest-and-digest" or "feed and breed" activities that occur when the body is at rest. Use the power of breathe to transform the chemistry of your body, and become more resistant to harm.


Stretching can be beneficial to those looking to increase flexibility. A regular practice can improve passive ranges of motion, increase blood flow, and provide some stretch induced analgesia. Use stretching as the first step to understanding your tolerance, and how to change it.


Influence the further acquisition of mobility. Use techniques to simultaneously increase and strengthen progressively larger ranges of active, usable motion.


Private Mobility Coaching

People looking to dive deeper into their individual mobility can schedule some private sessions. Begin with an assessment to identify your primary restrictions and build a mobility profile. Through the additional sessions we'll prioritize the tools to address those restrictions and unlock your potential. Make your stuff work better.



For any questions or concerns email me:

For any further details, grab me when I have a moment free or just give the class a go as I'll be around after to talk shop.

Coach Chesty