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Mad Mobility | Turn down for what.

Choose your intensity as you go. Class is an opportunity to follow a guided tour of your usability. 


You have to know you have the option to “do the class” different. And if you don’t know, now you know. There are moments in mobility training where you’ll either turn things up, or turn things down. You’ll have to check in with how you feel walking in, and how you feel after a few rotations. 


Slower movements are typically asking for greater levels of perceived effort (RPE). Rotating your shoulder through space taking 15 seconds should generally be attempted with greater intensity then let’s say, taking 5 second. Tempo’s got to mean something. Chances are you’re only getting a few reps before tiring out. 


If your not in the mood for strength training, you shouldn’t be in the mood for slow, intense, articulations. That’s strength training. 


Before all the super slow motions and high intensities, lays a field of low to moderate options. A beautiful space to enhance recovery when your feeling low or in need of a cool down. A perfect environment to prepare for a training session or activity. 


There’s a time to turn up, turn down, and find the right vibe for the room. 

It's all about the vibe,

Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton