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Mad Mobility | Update & Reminder

A big shout out goes out to Tbear and Dashiehounderson (aka Trevor and Kelly, Tbear and Dash, or Trevah and Dashah). They have been my counsel, my friends, my colleagues, and our friendly neighbours for the past 4 years. Never take for granted the value of a good neighbour; you know, one you don't have to talk to every time you see them over the fence; one you can ask if you have any cheese or shallots, or one you can just pop bottles with. No amount of cat turds in your garden can diminish a support system that will last through the ages. Love you guys.

You'll be happy to know we (my better half and I) have officially moved in to our new place. I mention this to note I'm looking to forward to settling in and building some new material for Mad Mobility and finding some fresh vibes for the coming months. As we all know, moving can derail a lifestyle and add notable stress to our surroundings. My body has definitely been affected by the hours of craigslist searches, apartment viewings, decisions, packing, and the glorious move. This is my friendly reminder to make sure you set some time aside to maintain your body, not just stress it with strenuous training, even if it's just rubbing stuff to feel good (you know, like foam rolling...).

We have a beautiful transition into August. This heat wave should bring us some extended beach bummin', a new programming cycle, and two of the biggest events of the year: my birthday (31 years, but you'd never guess that), and our notorious Nutts Cup (a whole day of me on the mic, and a whole lot of community love). The later being of greater importance as you all celebrate me enough with your presence. More importantly, check the following to stay on point through August and September. Note this heat just may make that soft tissue work, and all around usable range of motion feel a little smoother.


Mad Mobility Class

As with the shift of programming comes a shift in our mobility work. I'm looking forward to presenting some new techniques and grinding through all that gummed up tissue to get you moving nicer.

Deadlifts, means a whole lot of back and posterior chain love. If you struggle with chronic low back pain, non existent hamstring flexibility, or could just use some help bending over, show up.

Overhead pressing can always be a challenge. As we address some spinal restrictions, we're going to clear up the front of that shoulder and hammer through those pecs. If you resemble a modern age Quasimodo, your chest is sore to the touch, or you have no business going overhead, show up.


Mad Mobility Troubleshoot

I'll be presenting some short clips to get you thinking about your mobility I'll look to include some simple tips and tricks, but more importantly, get you understanding why you might bother. There are tons of awesome resources out there, and note I have sifted through just about all of it. Sometimes it can feel like you have a defeating list of issues to take care of. I'm hoping to clarify and simplify your mobility work over the coming weeks with some short videos. Of course all of this is in true Chesty fashion; no bullshit, no sugar coating, just tools to help you feel and move better.

Feel free to reach out to me with some requests. What don't you understand? What's the best way to release those hamstrings? Why does it hurt when I do this? This goes out to you, and you, and you, and you. You guys already have a license to harass me, so let's make it more constructive. subject: Mad Mobility Troubleshoot


Mad Mobility Private Sessions

I have a few slots open for those looking to dive deeper into their mobility work. I make this as digestible as possible as mobility can be seemingly overwhelming. The focus here is taking a look at you as an individual, including your lifestyle, assess, and build out simple tasks to improve how you function.

All these 'functional movements' are great, as long as your equipment is functioning well. Ask your coach if this is right for you, then holler at ya boy Chesty.


Remember to shout out at any occasion:



Big love to ya'll,

Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton