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Mad Mobility | Updates & Reminders

Mobility Class Programming

June 19th through July 30th will provide us with another 6 weeks of strength and conditioning in regular classes. With that shift comes another regular shift with our mobility programming. This is always in support of our other classes to ensure your optimal development.

Bulgarian split squat challenges and plenty of opportunities to catch cleans are going to give those legs a tough time. If your someone who often has issues with 'tight' hip flexors, you may want to make this a priority. 

Barbell rows, pull ups, tempo pull ups, and a healthy dose of pulling yourself under the bar this next few weeks should prove interesting. Sounds like your going to need to know how to unlock those stuck lats and cool of them jacked up shoulders. 

In short, if you have gummed up hips and shoulders that won't shut up, show up.


Sometimes mobility is hard work.

Wendy got worked. Daria with the knowledge bomb.

I often have a good laugh at the varied experience that is offered during mob class. Every class starts with 10-20 mins of breathing drills that often bring many to a meditative state, an oxygen induced analgesia, another level type of experience. And then there's those moments where the facial expressions tell all, "Hey you, relax you're face, but don't fight the feeling!". You get a hefty basket of challenges that yield, "mixed feelings".  And that's the point, a method to the madness. 

We have to get some things to kick down as we educate the body how to chill. We also have to ramp things up in order to trigger a more potent response in the other direction. Stress yields a certain response from the body, and we adapt to it. This is the balance of mobility training. If you want to get better and build resilience, you have to provide a stress worth adapting to. Just as if you are all jacked up, your muscle and such tissues won't be as compliant. So yeah, we chill and stretch, but yeah, you're going to work your ass off to build a surplus of control.

Breathe. Expand. Control. And then you can do whatever magical stuff you'd like. But just like all adaptation, consistency is the key to getting better.


Have some fun with your people

I had just finished about 20 minutes of breathing and spine segmental work (plenty of deep breaths and cat camels on a Thursday night). The breathing drills had opened up my ribcage and just about everything wrapped around my spine. The segmental cat camel work allowed me to articulate some new control through my spine. I still had a few minutes before the start of 7:30pm class, and I don't find any of that stuff I did, fun. So I jumped in with Young and Sean for a few rounds of hollow rocks, tuck ups, and hollow holds. It didn't matter what we were doing, as long as we were together.

Check it out here!






I commend these boys for continuing another 7 rounds while I moved on to coach the class. I'm going to assume they are still sore from this complex. Know your limit, play within in.

Hashtags your butts off, and showcase some MadLove!

Big love,

Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton