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Mad Mobility | Vacation Schedule | Updates

Simply put, I’m in Europe for 2 weeks. 


Wednesday’s class at 7pm, June 13th and June 20th will be cancelled until my return.


I encourage to take deep breaths and explore your range of motion. Take this time to challenge your ability to stay consistent without guidance and a structured class. Continue to follow the principles and be sure to get in those controlled articulations every damn day. Use the time to ease of the tough work and dial in some frequent low to moderate intensity mobility training. Everybody needs a break, and I can be overwhelming sometimes. Enjoy the breather, as I’ll be back soon enough to preach the process. 


I will return the week of June 26th, and be jet-lagging you through mobility training Wednesday June 27th at 7pm. Class will resume as usual from that point onwards. 


Now what about the 11am Sunday Mobility Class?


I have asked the oh-so-graceful Caroline Kirkpatrick to step in and offer a dose of something else. Trained in “Vinyasa Flow”, she will offer a 60 minute Yoga class, June 17th and 24th. She recommends you bring a mat if you have one, but not to worry if you don’t. 


“By definition, it is a class with a dynamic flow, connecting sequences and poses through breath, crafted to work from the ground up.” 


She trained at Laughing Lotus in New York City. The teachers are mainly former dancers so there is a strong sense of movement and coordination throughout the way the practice is sequenced. Every class involves gentle warmups, sun salutations, creative standing pose sequences, upper body and hip openers, as well as deep forward bending and some restorative relaxation at the end.


This will be challenging in itself, but will likely come as a well needed “de-load” for what you all are typically use-to. Caroline had taken myself and a number of others through a class many years ago, and I found it refreshing. I give a nod to focus on sequencing and connecting. Think of this as an opportunity to express your mobility.


And you can bet your ass I’ll be back. The rotations, the positions, the cramping, the breathing, and the all around mad mobility. 


Be sure to come in this Sunday for a mobile send-off class at 11am. 


Big love,


Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton