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Mad Mobility | Walking, not a big deal.

That sounds like more work no?

I enjoy driving. I love to cruise. I have no problem being “that guy” with the loud music. I appreciate smooth turning, appropriate acceleration, and pressing the gas pedal with such application you barely notice the vehicle stop. One of these summers I'll dust off the Camaro and make her a regular part of my life; however, caring for multiple women often spreads the efforts thin. Then again, Simona would appreciate the vehicle for so many reasons. We’ll figure it out. Til’ then, I’ll walk thanks.

It was the text above and the 2 following weeks in Europe that cued me to think on how much walking I actually do. I am born and raised in Vancouver and have walked every possible combination of main roads and back alleys. I am rarely steered by the weather, occasionally hopping the 99 B-line or scooping a taxi to fill the gaps. I covered a lot of ground, and will like continue to do so. For the record, I didn't take Emily's car, and walked to the taxi, to my chiro's office in gastown, then to the skytrain, and towards airport security. Her car smells funny too.

Here are a top selection of benefits I found on the Google to satisfy your hunger for easily digestible blog posts:

Maintain a healthy weight.
Prevent or manage various conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.
Strengthen your bones and muscles.
Improve your mood.
Improve your balance and coordination.

These are kind of dumb while holding strong enough value to be not so dumb. You could argue any of these points. I won’t advocate heavily for strong bones/muscles, or ring the bell for balance and coordination, but it’s a great low-impact way of getting around.

Finding opportunities to move around will support your efforts to sustain your mobility, encourage your recovery, and defy the ravages of age (last one is also a tad exaggerated). Walking may not be ideal pending on your schedule, but it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. Walking 30 minutes to work and back is not a tall task unless you’re decked out in high heels.

I take the time to breathe through some issues, think about strategies, talk out programming, and catch up on the 5 new albums I downloaded with Apple Music. I even get my shoulder rotations on route to the gym. I learn more about my surrounding, my community, and run into to all sorts of folks. The mental and physical benefits may seem small and insignificant to some, but consider the frequency. The thousands of foot steps to and from work alone lend benefit to my mental and physical health through sheer volume.

Whether you’re looking for peace of mind or and active form of recovery to create more motion in your life, just walk. A few extra low-impact kilometres a week just might tend to your fat loss goals, if thats your intent.

How far is too far? Consider making the time for a reasonable amount you can commit to daily, and build off of that.

Spend less time strapping yourself into something.

Move ya' ass,

Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton