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Mad Mobility | Week-end Update

Next week I'll have some updates on the new programming cycle. You can look forward to a handful of hip rotations and some end range shoulder control. Be sure to check back next Thursday to understand the focuses in the coming weeks. You could also just show up to the mobility class and allow me to guide you to profound levels of mobility.

This Sunday is our last class in concert with our last week of the current programming cycle. As per usual, the last week of programming is curated for recovery. You have likely overloaded the body over the past few weeks. With that in mind you can expect there to be a handful of lower intensity drills to facilitate a rush of blood and nutrients to the tissues. This is usually a great opportunity to settle down the system and up-regulate some recovery. This doesn't mean everything is going to be easy, but the bulk of the time with be spent easing the tension, not ramping it up.

The forest fires and the accompanied smoke rolling through the city has come to a low level for the most part. Our breathing practice has been reintroduced and will continue to ramp up as long as the air quality continues to improve.

Look forward to the coming cycle. Join us Sunday at 11:15 to finish off the cycle.

Ya boy,

Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton