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Mad Mobility | What would you like to know?

Mobility is a pretty broad topic within the training world. If you're an outsider or general fitness enthusiast, you might refer to mobility work as anything that is foam rolling, stretching, and that other stuff. If you're like me or have taken the time to listen to me, you may have been introduced to the other side of mobility, the training side. Next week I'll be helping you understand the wide scope of the mobility umbrella. Simply put, mobility work is anything that aids you in your acquisition of strength and flexibility, or usable range of motion.

Someone mentioned years ago, that I have a big boner for this mobility stuff. It is a truly fascinating area of focus, and will continue to challenge and inspire me for years to come. I hope to help bridge the gap between training and rehab, as well as creating a limitless ceiling of development, whether you are injured or not. With those endless years in sight, I have a handful of material to put together. Our community grows every year and I recently started to keep track of what I have written about. The issue is that there is are countless articles and blogs I have written before 2017 that are lost. There are at times I find myself writing about the same thing, but in a new way, or the same way. It is often designed to guide people to the root of a mobility issue, or grasp the philosophy behind the madness. With understanding there can be progress. There is bound to be some overlap.

I've really enjoyed spending more time with the Dashhound (Kelly). We've started meeting once per week to do a little mobility tip. I love how this sparks more in depth conversation and she almost openly crawls down the Chesty rabbit hole. I've noticed it's sometimes the little concepts that have become so ingrained in me, that some don't grasp right away. You know those 'ah ha' moments? She does not hesitate to ask me anything, and this only helps me connect more to mobility issues down on earth. So lets get a little more grounded.

What would you like to know?

This is an open invitation to send me any questions you may have about mobility training, maintenance, and anything that falls under that umbrella. You have the power to influence to content of the future, or just get some answers to your chronic or acute issues.

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Emile Maxwell Connaughton