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Mad Mobility | Whiteboard Reference

Take note of the whiteboard for some clarification on the current focuses for both our strength/conditioning and mobility biased programming. If you're anything like me, you appreciate the visual, and like many things, need a constant reminder. Look for this whiteboard in the south west corner of the facility. It can help point you in the right direction when it comes to what we might be putting the majority of our efforts into, as far as movement patterns, exercises, and such things go. This can also help steer questions you might have for your coach, when it comes to addressing your individual needs, progressions and such. Once you have found some individual clarity with your coach, you can begin to receive progressive exposure to these elements, Be sure to attend the mobility class to further your understanding of some of the accessory elements and expand the efforts of your training.

This will essentially give you an idea of what you should be doing with your time. Have a read and imagine what you could be working on.

Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton