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Mad Mobility | Why basics.

Mad Mobility | Why basics.


There can be an overwhelming amount of routines available for improving your hips, or any other joint for that matter. I’ve found myself lost in a sea of programming once or twice before. In those moments I almost drift into trying to make things interesting for the sake of entertaining, or not wanting to bore or tire of an exercise. Although I can appreciate the value of variety, it doesn’t make anything more effective, and I’m likely just trying to appeal to a particular culture. This culture devours everything in its sight from social media to music. Sure enough, some sources last a lifetime, and it’s because they provide a rich source of value and connect to feeling. These sources are often simple, and profoundly effective.


During the mobility class, we actively train the outer limits of our motion through controlled rotations. They have become and will always remain the staple of this class, and style of training. Why these basics?


They prevent joint degeneration.

They decrease joint inflammation.

They maintain active joint range of motion.

They ensure proper joint nutrition.

They crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and you will hear the lamentation of the students.


Coach Chesty

Emile Maxwell Connaughton