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Mad Mobility | Your normal

I’ve changed two diapers in my time as an uncle. Both were my nephew’s. One doesn’t really count as it was just applying a diaper after a bath. The other, a number one. My brother told me this was something I was required to do. I always told my brother, “this is your normal, not mine.”
Normal is just that, yours. There are no standards on what normal is across the board. Whatever is required of you, is your normal. And that’s kind of how mobility training is programmed. 
Anyone can fall deep into the abyss of increasing range of motion, usable range of motion. All one really needs is control of the motion they use, or more of what they’ll need. Consider the positions you find yourself in day to day. From sports to desktops, just think of the positions you need to be successful in. Do you have enough for that? Start there.
The only real standard in mobility is what you’ll be doing. Normal is subject to the individual and their tasks. A circus performer’s normal does not need to be your normal, unless you plan on becoming one. 
In the weeks leading up to 2020 I’ll be exploring almost every major joint in the body. The mobility class will be an opportunity to check in with everything from your toes to your neck.
Give yourself this opportunity to see what your current normal is, and then we can decide if you need a new normal.
Coach Chesty
Emile Maxwell Connaughton