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Mad Positivity | Perception is Reality

By Jessica Vander Zaag

How do we get to “enough”?

Of the many brilliant moments in Shana’s last series, I was struck by the recurring theme of mindset and how much of the fulfilment we are able to achieve through exercise hinges on our perception.

Lately I’ve been struggling with perception, and the feeling of not being “enough.” I tried out for a rep rugby team, and all throughout the tryouts I never thought I was as strong or skilled or fit as the other women. Then I made the team, and even with the objective proof of a team list I couldn’t shake the feeling of inadequacy.

It reminded me of my days struggling with body image, when no matter what I may have looked like I was never “lean enough,” “working enough, “dieting enough,” etc.

Then, as now, it was all about perception. The objective truth played no part. Nevermind that I had made the team, nevermind that back then I was underweight and undernourished. My mind had settled on its beliefs and would not budge.

It’s hard to change a mindset. It’s hard to challenge beliefs. But our perception is our reality. So often that change all it takes to be “enough.”

Now how do you feel about your body? What do you believe about your appearance? And are those beliefs helping or harming you?