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A Small Preview of MadLab 10.0

Thanks to everyone who has registered for our annual MadLab Tournament. 

I think this is the fastest I have had it reach capacity in my time running the tournament. 

For those of who maybe missed out on signing up this year, or for those of you who are rookies in the competition, let me fill you in on a few things. 

The workouts are fun. They are designed to challenge everyone on your team. They also require a certain level of strategy. This is key in being successful in the long run of the event, everyone plays a role and every role is equally important. 

Second, if you need a sub for a week you are responsible for finding that sub and letting me (Tom) know who they are. I need to know in order to ensure the event stays fair. 

Third, timeliness is appreciated. The sooner we can organize the gym and announce the workout the sooner the early risers can head home get to bed. Listening and attentiveness is paramount as there are always lots of small nuances in team workouts. 

Forth, keep you and your teammates honest. This is on scouts honour. I trust you all to keep it clean and fair and if I see or feel otherwise I will simply penalize your team. 

Rest up and see you guys Wednesday night! 

Coach Tom