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Cheer on our athletes this weekend!

This weekend we have 5 MadLab athletes competing at the CanWest Games at The Percy Perry Stadium in Port Coquitlam. 

The CanWest Games is a competition for athletes of ALL levels. An event where athletes can see how they fare against their peers, but more important, an avenue to test their self-confidence and develop courage, determination and spirit.

It starts Friday night with a running event and then Saturday and Sunday all day. 

We have one team of that has 4 of our MadLab Development Program athletes and also our apprentice Chloe is joining a team with friends. 

Both Young & Chloe are doing their first competition! What an amazing experience it will be for these two! Hear are a few things our athletes have said:

1. What made you do this event?
Young - Poker told me to
Chloe - I wanted to prove to myself that I am a capable athlete and have something to strive towards
Alana -
Dave, joking I generally love the idea of competing

2. What are you most excited about?
Young - Most excited to push myself to the edge for 7 events, I enjoy the pressure
Chloe - Most excited to spend the weekend working out with friends and meeting lots of people
Alana - Most excited to watch Young's breakout performance

3. What is your goal for the weekend?
Young - My goal is to do the best I can and figure out where I can get better
Chloe - It's just for fun and the experience with hopes to give me the courage to compete in higher levels down the road, or even some individual events
Alana - 
To get out of my comfort zone in a couple of the workouts, but to be smart and not hurt myself

So if you can come out and show your support we know they would appreciate it! 



Workout 1 - 9.17am
Workout 2 - 12.41pm
Workout 3 - 3.14pm

Workout 1 - 9.51am
Workout 2 - 1.15pm
Workout 3 - 3.48pm


MadLab DP Team (Alana, Poker, Young, Dashie)

Workout 1 - 10.59am
Workout 2 - 1.32pm
Workout 3 - 4.56pm

Sunday TBA - But approximately
Workout 1 - 9.00am
Workout 2 - 12.24pm
Workout 3 - 2.57pm