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Madlab Holiday Party and Madlab Tournament 10.0 Final

As I am sure many of have noticed, Wednesday nights at the gym have been organized chaos of late. We have had 40 of our members taking part in our annual Madlab Tournament. 

As of tomorrow around 9:00pm, we will have narrowed the field from 10 teams down to 4. 

The top 4 teams will take part in the final week of competition next Wednesday. On top of it being the final day of the tournament it is also our annual Holiday Party. 

Folks usually role in around 7 as the workout(s) are being announced for the final. There will be drinks and a few snacks for people to enjoy while they watch the final workout(s). 

Upon completion we encourage everyone to stick around and socialize and celebrate the holiday season. 

Hope to see you all there. 

Coach Tom.