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MadLab III

image A few years ago (before the Crossfit Games) we came up with the original MadLab. It was brutal, and awesome. We lost about a third of the gym shortly after because of it. I suspect it was the right third to lose and we are bringing it back this fall...... with a few changes. smile Once we all have our Super Seven scores we will plug those into a "Kermit Calculator" and produce a "Power Rating". Much like a character in a video game each of you will now have a "Power Rating". Captains will be hand picked and then they will draft a team of four people each (only three compete in each workout....someone is bound to be out of town or hurt one day). We will square off every Monday night at 6pm and compete for prizes, medals, banners and glory!!!! More details will be released as we get closer to the date. Tuesday's WOD: if you didn't do cindy on Monday.....Your workout is Cindy if you did do Cindy Your WOD: Light sheppy gay warmup 1 mile run, 5 minute rest x 3 Your score: Your fastest mile