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image The 2nd Monday of every Month is our open competition night. That's right MADLAB is BACK!!! For those of you who remember the original (We will do the 3 man tournament again in the spring) this version is a bit different, but we hope the intensity and excitement matches that from 2 years ago. Here is how it works: Random workout that will be scored for time, rounds or points. Anyone who is a monthly member is eligible. Top 6 get points (formula 1 style) 10, 7, 5, 3, 2, 1 Prizes at the end of each season (spring is the first season: Feb -June) go out to the top finishers. Workouts may be individual or team format. Weight is scaled at 63% for the women. Ladies, you are encouraged to show up and be a part of this experience. We know from past competitions that our women are BAD ASS and at least equal to men at Crossfit. You are the heart and soul of Crossfit Vancouver so come out and play. Get your game faces on. First game goes tonight at 6pm Giddyup!