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MadLab Member | Brian Doe

"I'm interested in getting started (and absolutely terrified)…I want to learn more about strength training and flexibility…My core isn’t very strong either…and would like to work on that as well…”

Brian Doe had filled out the website’s contact form in full. A few page scrolls later I decided it would be best to give this fella a call; however, I was suspicious that he was an internet drone, I mean really, Brian Doe. I believe we may have set a lower mainland phone tag record. Anyhow, we managed to connect.

He apologized for filling out the form, in full. Little did he know what can of worms he had opened with “I want to learn more”. Began the timeless enjoyable ride of Brian and Chesty, perhaps even comparable to that of Rick & Morty (although I hope I’ve treated you better than that). An ever dedicated student of the arts, and now of MadLab School of Fitness, with his cooky ol’ Coach.

I was stoked to find out he was the voice of Prince Delphin, of the straight to video sensation, Barbie: The Pearl Princess. Not to mention his Brony worthy performance as Timber Spruce in My Little Pony: Equestrian Girls - Legend of Everfree. Now yes, Brian is finely tuned Voice Actor that has devoted thousands of hours in the entertainment industry. And yes, he uses additional time and energy in teaching young aspiring actors in the lower mainland. And yes, he is, hands down, one the nicest guys, ever. But it’s not every day you get a Barbie Prince in to train with you.

We drew so many lines between our industries and continue to spend many additional minutes (post training), exchanging coping mechanisms. We’ve found similar struggles and have shared some deep stuff. And every so often I bug him to show me some of that voice box talent and how he manages to look like he just got out of bed, every day. I’ve had a series of Actors come through these doors, and none have committed more than him. The industry is riddled with non-stop auditions and hours trapped in a sound room. With a full load of teaching and taking care of home business, I value his ability to make this happen. His humour is on point, and I look forward to watching him grow over the coming years.

"We can talk about this later if you want, I'm quite happy with our relationship to be totally honest."

Our first private session, we spent the whole session mobilizing his hip, as he could barely kneel down into a lunge without discomfort. He now shows great poise in his movement, and squats and lunges with the best of them. He demonstrates patience in his road to movement mastery, and is on track for a pull up. He has cleaned up his diet without complicating it, and has the energy to back it up. His on-screen agent connected with him recently, and was shocked at his transformation. So yeah, he’s made some progress. He is one of my favourite people. I don't think he'll ever do his hair for me.

Big love brotha,

Coach Chesty