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MadLab Member | Katie Bramhall


It started like this:

2 eggs - scrambled w/ butter and milk
Fresh fruit tray (pineapple, grapes, watermelon)
1 cup coffee w/ 3 tsp cream
1.5 cups yams - baked w/ olive oil and salt
1 Sandwich - turkey & veg
Vegetables - cut up carrot, celery, cucumber
1 Wagon Wheel
4 Tacos - Standard ground beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, salsa, sour cream
1 glass red wine
1 smore

Katie is the kind of girl that stands on top of a mountain with a tiger mascot, and based on her social media accounts alone, makes you question if she has a job. I do know, however, for a fact, she is a Reliability Engineer at Chevron.

“Perhaps you remember way back in November I had a wee limp. Well, what I thought was a minor twist of the ankle, a small price to pay to play the sport I love, turned out to be a bit more... or maybe turned into more after some premature ski trips and a competitive game of archery tag (which I highly recommend by the way)”

I recently returned home from holidays to find Katie, with a boot cast on her foot. In all honesty I was not shocked. Her activities over the length of our coaching relationship have been constant and ever evolving. They range from swimming across a San Francisco channel that mainly escaped inmates have drowned from, to an Okanogan event aimed solely at drinking wine while running from one vineyard to the next. She recently returned, after a 8 year hiatus, to her love for rugby. The doctor says it will be another couple weeks before she’ll be sprinting during rugby practice. I prepare her with the plan to get humpty dumpty back on the wall. She decides to register for the Ironman later that night. This is Katie, my client.

“Now I sit, writing you from my couch as I contemplate my future, leg in a boot, eating prawns and yams with not even one wagon wheel or box of hamburger helper in the house for me to consume my feelings away.”

Single handedly, she has inspired me to do something new with my free time, anything, seriously, just start sleeping on the other side of the bed. There is no catching up to this woman, even when life attempts to slow her down. She’ll show up to your first sprint triathlon to help with handmade signs, even if your unsure of your current relationship status. You can find her intermittently through the weeks, dancing between sets, and doing her darnedest to stick to her progressions. Despite all of her commitments, she continues to heed my call to mobility, carrying her cat/camels and joint articulations through every airport terminal. She has become a blessing to this community, and a clear reminder of the joy one person can offer. This is Katie, my friend.

She is, as always, ready to have at 2017 here at MadLab and abroad. Here is to preparing the body with the strength it needs to continue your adventures.

Love ya lady,

Coach Chesty