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Madlab Monday Night Medal Results

image MadLab was back in full force on Monday night. I have to say, it was the best energy we have had in the new gym since it has been opened. The vibe was one of community and camaraderie wrapped up in a blanket of competition. It was a Dog Fight right down to the final bell, but what impressed most were the number of personal bests that were achieved, due in large part, I suspect, from the spirit of the competition. Actually I think everyone there hit a new PB in the front Squat. It was a pretty special night. Congratulations to all of you. Everyone was competitive, but someone had to win. Here are the results. (To check out the workout description see The Inferno's comment on yesterday's POD) 1st Place: Remington (He was a force all night, sets the standard for best all around athlete in the gym) = 10pts 2nd Place: Paul (ripped his hands pretty bad...but he is a soldier, and a warrior) = 7pts 3rd Place: Supa (all out gutsy effort) = 5pts 4th Place: The Pup (original Gangster can still hunt) = 3pts 5th Place: The Ant (Kid is stacked) = 2pts 6th Place: The inferno (Queen of the front squat and a beast of a competitor) = 1pt Special mention goes out to Girly Man (Showed up and competed after a 27 mile skate ski), Spicodi (nearly killed himself to finish in the running), The F@#king Duke (Takes a lickin keeps on tickin), The Burton Babe (a hottie with tons of heart), Toddzilla (welcome to the show kid), Big Los (nervous stomach added to the vibe), Kevvy (Killed his old PB), Davey Boy (Upheld the integrity of the morning crew) and Carlito (My personal hero for his dedication, fearlessness and pursuit of excellence) Next competition goes Monday March 10th at 6pm - GIDDYUP!!!