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MadLab Olympic Lifting

MadLab Olympic Lifting


Saturdays at 11.30am (90 mins)

The programming will be focused on the clean & jerk and the snatch. There are tons of other exercises that will be programmed during the class, but know that those movements are in place with the soul purpose of improving your skill and ability in those two movements. 

Depending on what the focus is at the time for classes, the style and approach might change ever so slightly in the weightlifting class. During cycles where are doing less squatting it's likely that we will perform some extra front squats at the end of the session. During cycles where we are already doing a high volume of squats in classes, the weightlifting class focus will shift to bias towards more work from the floor with exercises like pulls and deadlifts. 

We will be periodically performing maxes on Saturdays also. So if you have the itch to get in a max snatch or clean & jerk I suggest getting in the practice with quality reps to allow for more improvements for when we do test those maxes. 

There is no conditioning or metcon during the weightlifting class. All 90 min are spent practicing technique, positioning and strength for weightlifting. 

If you have goals that revolve around the clean, jerk or snatch, you want to make the effort to check out this class and see what it's all about. 

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