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Road to recovery with MadLab Prehab/Rehab

How Madlab Prehab/Rehab can help you…

 Quality of life sometimes is what’s traded in the presence of pain. Some pain is tolerable some are unbearable. But, That doesn’t change the fact that there’s trauma to an area and needs time to heal and time to rebuild.


The following outlines the steps that I would take with a patient to help them get back on the road to recovery from an injury


  1. Identify limiting area (may or may not be at area of pain or related to area of concern)
  2. Treat  
  3. Rebuild pain-free capacity(movement)  
  4. Rebuild endurance/stability within pain free capacity  
  5. Gradually expand repertoire of movement  
  6. Build strength

My role in your recovery is largely between steps 1 - 3. Steps 4-6 are patient dependent steps, meaning, it is the patient’s responsibility to be accountable to their recovery too. But, this is also the place where communication between me, you, and your coach becomes important. 

Now, not all conditions or concerns are the same. Sometimes, pain in an area will persist despite treatment. That’s when lifestyle modifications and specific exercises become more relevant.

Remove aggravating activities, improve/expand on pain reducing activity. Other times we thread a grey area between steps 2 and 4 because you can improve in certain areas but will still have pain.

Communication between all parties become even more integral to your recovery,  maintenance and progression.

If you have any concerns or questions, flag me down if you see me on the gym floor or shoot me an email at


CJ Castro RMT
Madlab Prehab/Rehab

NOTE - You do not have to be a MadLab Member to see CJ