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MadLab Sunday Class | Utility Day

The Sunday class has always been a favourite of mine. It was handed down to me by the ol' Lumberjack, Mike Dahlman, who recently expressed his growing love for me as one would "love a mother in law". Now, one might take it as a curse to be doomed to coach in a day that encourages such leisure, but this is my 'Friday'. You may come across a zombie or two upon your attendance. It a rare opportunity to meet members from both sides of the vampire and werewolf families; you're respectful morning and evening members. Sunday is used as a utility for all Madlab members. 


Sunday does not run like most days. And as some of you regulars know what's up, it can be a little overwhelming for you new members. Here are some simple strategies for optimizing the utility of this day:


Ask questions...


The environment is relaxed, but can be overwhelming to someone used to only one training focus. All of our regulars know how this works and we're always open to your concerns. Let me know how I can help guide, or build out your training focus for the day. In other words, no, we're doing all of those workouts on the board. I'll get ya sorted. 


Take advantage of the programming...


Note what we're working on during the current 6 week cycle. Our programming is periodized in blocks to address every training element in balance. So the priority strength and skill options will be displayed on the whiteboard. This can be your opportunity to get your third lifting exposure, or make up something you missed out on during the week. You can choose to perform two strength options or just move through some conditioning. 


Keep an eye on the clock...


Once you get your movements and equipment sorted, you may decide to test something. Should you be only be lifting that day, this won't apply. Should you opt into some conditioning, two clocks will be started at :40 and :45 for reference. Make sure you've decided what your doing and keep an ear on my bellowing voice. 


Spread the love...


This is and will always be, undeniably, my favourite place to be on a Sunday. The vibe is truly created by the people that make up that room. 

Share your experience on Twitter and Instagram with every sundayfunday hashtag you can muster. @madlabschooloffitness with @thechestevez


You want to be where you can see. The troubles are all the same. You want to go where everybody knows your name. 


Super Bowl is next weekend so get in a little something before you post up for the game. The 4pm class will return on February 12th for the spring season. 


Big love, Mad love


Coach Chesty