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MadLab Theatre Night: A Must-See Play with a MadLab Connection


There’s so much to do in this gorgeous city besides just coming to MadLab everyday, and with the weather being not so amazing these days, it’s the perfect time to support local artists and get yourself feeling all cultured at the theatre. 

The Father, which is playing at VanCity Culture Lab - The Clutch on Venables, is a great place to start. The play opens on November 21st and runs until November 30th. The Father was written by French playwright Florian Zeller and is a multi-award winning play. While it has made it rounds through various European cities, this is the first time the play is being performed in Vancouver.

Though it hails from Europe, the director of the Vancouver-based play happens to have a connection to our community.

Mindy Parfitt is the director and the owner and founder of The Search Party (@thesearchpartyyvr)—the theatre company who is putting on The Father. She’s a veteran in the theatre industry with a sparkling resume.

Mindy is the wife of long-time member David Eaton, who’s about to get inducted onto the 10-year MadLab Elder Wall of Fame next weekend. Dave is best known for refusing to partake in a group class and has spent the last 10 years and hanging out with T-Bear or Emily on the small side of the gym in the mornings.

You can read more about The Father and purchase your tickets here. Emily, T-Bear and Dash are planning on going, so reach out and we can make a MadLab night of it.