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Annual MadLab Tournament 10.0

It’s that time of year again, our annual MadLab tournament is fast approaching.

For those of you who don’t know about our annual MadLab Tourney, it is an inclusive 6 week competition. It's designed to provide folks who have never tasted competition but are interested in trying a good ol’ fashioned friendly competition. While at the same time still challenging the veterans of this yearly event. 

It's a fun and encouraging event that will be open to members of all levels. It's recommended that you can perform most basic movements to some degree but it is by no means necessary. 

We will arrange to have 10 teams of 4. So our cap will be 40 participants.

Cost is $20 to play, proceeds will go to an after party the evening of Nov 29th.

Please have $20 cash on Oct 25th.

Our dates will be as follows:

Oct 25th: Teams Announced and week 1 workout 7pm 

Nov 1st: Week 2 workout 7pm (regular round)

Nov 8th: Week 3 workout 7pm (regular round)

Nov 15th: Week 4 workout 7pm (regular round)

Nov 22nd: Week 5 workout 7p  (regular round)

Nov 29th: (Top 4 Teams) – After party for all and Finals –  7pm

Budget 90 mins for these workouts: due to warm up, organization and event announcement. 

To register email or hit me up at the gym.  As mentioned we will be capping the number at 40 and deadline to register is October 22nd. 


Coach Tom