MadLab TownHall - Friday Feb 23rd 7pm


The concept of the town hall meeting derives from the traditional town meetings of New England. They were open to everyone in the community, and were a chance for people to voice their opinions and ask questions, with the goal being to strengthen the community.

This is the same concept behind the town hall meeting at MadLab School of Fitness

The TownHall meeting has been incredibly useful for all parties involved and we encourage you all to come.

It is a great way for YOU to give feedback in a public forum, and for US to explain the vision of the community and to share some upcoming changes at MadLab.

So if you have any questions or concerns this is the place to discuss them - Think events, policies (kids, dogs, food), memberships, programming ANYTHING

We will be serving booze to help ideas flow freely, and to turn it into a less formal, social event! So please be there!