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MadLab Members finish the WLC

A huge shout out to those just finishing the Whole Life Challenge - CONGRATS YOU DID IT!

After 8 long weeks about 40 MadLab Clients finished the Whole Life Challenege on Saturday and I love to celebrate the success of all these members. 

There were some awesome results! People put 5-25 pounds on their 1 rep clean and deadlift and also achieved more reps in the workout the second time. 

Others lost 5-20 pounds! Some gave up pop for 30+ days, and others got the routine the wanted back! 

The thing aout the WLC is it is a LIFESTYLE challenege and the reason you do it doesn't have to be about weight loss or getting stronger these are just benefits of the challenege. For some it is just about getting on track (or back on track). 

BUT one of the biggest success's is the life after the challenge for everyone and how they were all thinking about it. After 8 weeks it become easy to instil the requirements of the WLC into your normal life.

Here are some things people are going to do post challenege that you could also consider

  • Keep up with daily exercise. Whether its Madlab, Swimming, Running, Hiking, Mobility Class, Spin, Yoga. As long as I am moving every day.  s
  • Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum.
  • Nutrition should be compliant through the week and make the 'better than' choice on weekends. 
  • Continue to stretch for 10 minutes after a hard workout
  • Stay Hydrated

The next WLC starts May and then the September WLC follows that. 

Sign up for the May one here: May WLC