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Another #transformationtuesday throwback.

Kim in the past couple of months has won a MadLab Banner, smashed a 3 rep BackSquat and has come out of her shell.

Kim, we are so lucky to have you and this picture is just inspiring!


Kims Story:

I have a long and complicated history with fitness, poor body image, weight fluctuation, and an ongoing battle with healthy eating and lifestyle.  Its too long to share here.   

I moved to Vancouver February 2014, but didn't join MadLab until a year later in February 2015.  I was struggling with moving to the big city - I had to establish a community and a fitness routine.  From 2014 to 2015, my search for started with recreation Ultimate Frisbee, a sport I have a long time passion for, along with attending the community gyms, which I was doing very inconsistently without any goals other than to 'burn calories'.  

I knew I needed more in my fitness routine, I needed some structure.  I had great success with group fitness classes before moving to Vancouver, so I tried several through the city.  I was VERY hesitant to join any "CrossFit" type gym as I have had friends who have suffered injuries at other CrossFit gyms and the commercialized aspect was also a bit of a deterrent.  However, I after reading the website about MadLab (then CrossFit Vancouver), I decided it would be okay to at least try out.  What was supposed to be just a trial period turned into a long-term and pretty all encompassing commitment.  Coach Audrey, you are the catalyst that started this chain reaction - thank you! 

Since joining MadLab, from the PT sessions with Audrey, the early morning classes, Project Cardia with Andy, to Whole Life Challenge, I have found all that I was looking for and more when I first moved in 2014.  First, I am able to do things I have never done before in my life - many firsts include rope climb, handstand, pull up, and all the Olympic lifts I have learned.  One very exciting first I had was competing in Nutts Cup this past year!  I had a blast, and just signed up for my second competition.  The second thing I have found and was not expecting at MadLab is an amazing community.  I have an amazing network of people in my life that I can say I have met all thanks to the great community that is MadLab.  

I don't think I have really 'transformed' as the blog name suggests, but I am finding my way. 

I have a healthier perspective on life, fitness, and health - and I have MadLab to thank for getting me in the right direction.


Kims First Strict Pullup - Now she is banging them off easily!