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March April Freezer Meat Packs

Hey,  I've just reloaded the freezer with fresh meat and fish and just wanted to send out a reminder to all our members that have been requesting the Cleaner Bacon, Lamb Shanks, Veal Porterhouses, Halibut, Lamb Shanks and the most delicious Ribeye's from Blue Goose Farms.  They are a nice treat at 14oz a piece and bbq so well.

I have 500g grassfed ground and Italian sausage packs as well that make good options for some breakfast protein.

Let me know if your interested in purchasing a small, medium or large assorted pack.

They'll be priced at:

$100 for Small Order

$150 for Medium Order

$200 for Large Order

  • The Seafood comes from Haida Gwaii, 
  • The bacon is the cleanest I can get in the lower mainland
  • Lamb Shanks are about 1lb ea from Australia
  • Beef is all 100% grass-fed

Give me a text (604).808.6347 or email at if your interested or have any questions.