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Mark off Wednesday, Nov 4th

Kelly Frankson (The Machine) has been gracious enough to come help us kick off the CrossFit Vancouver Paleo Challenge and give us some of the finer details on the Paleolithic Diet and some key tips on why this diet is revolutionary and simply made for all of us. So please mark your calendars. Sign up sheets will be up next week. Those interested will be pinched (skinfold tested) and photographed the following week between Oct 26th and 30th. They'll be absolute performance markers as well - to even the playing field between seasoned CrossFitters on the diet and those that have yet to implement. More on that in the week to come. Place: CrossFit Vancouver Time: 8pm, Wednesday Nov 4th, 2009 image Saturday Split Jerks (1,1,1,1,1,1) Workout - Loaded Tabata - Tabata Squats - Tabata Pushups - Tabata Pull-ups Guys - 25lb plate or dumbbell Ladies - 10lb plate or dumbbell - Score will be the cumulative total number of reps - not the lowest per round. 2 min rest between exercises.