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Massage - Michelle Miguez

image This is Michelle with her nephew, she is single smile So I have been holding out on all of you for two years. My favorite hour of the week (unless I have actually had sex) has been my hippy healing. I love my massage and the best one I have ever gotten is with my girl Michelle. I have been blessed. Michelle has always been a beacon of integrity. She is the real deal: Hang with her and your life will get better: Here is what she does: (she really just gives you love) Massage in all its forms helps to reduce pain, soothe injured muscles, stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, balance the emotional body and promote deep relaxation. My treatments include all of this which encompasses deep tissue manipulation, movement awareness and energy balancing, all of which improve the structure and function of the body. My whole approach to healing is working with the human body as a whole; the physical, the mental and the spiritual. I am currently completing the chartered herbalist diploma program at the Dominion Herbal College. I believe in working with the life force and with the integrated whole that the body represents. Any illness is a manifestation of dis-ease within the whole being. To truly heal, one needs to look at the interconnectedness and the dynamic play of all the parts in the whole- the physical, emotional and mental bodies and the enlivening presence of the soul. Herbs are a part of our total ecology and as such lend themselves to us to integrate and heal our physical bodies. I have a love of herbal remedies that are useful in helping to heal specific ailments safely and most importantly naturally. Maybe "hippy healing" is not what you need, I understand that. I am a certified massage therapist and I am fine with just giving people what they want in terms of a massage. If you want a beating, I can give you a beating. If you want the real deal: If you are open to the full pull: ask me for Reiki. These treatments are for those who are truly open. Reiki brings one to a deep state of relaxation, falling deep into your sub-conscious, which in turn relaxes the body so the tissues are easier to manipulate. here is the deal: $75 per hour (it is worth way more, she is starting her own business) Sign up at the gym Or book with Michelle directly: 604-218-4749 or