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Maximum Adaption Through Maximum Recovery

Maximum Adaption Through Maximum Recovery by Andrew “Snake Oil” Munaweera Don’t rip yourself off--make sure you’re fully adapted and recovered before showing up to your next CrossFit workout. How? Get plenty of rest, eat Paleo and strategically supplement with MightyOmega fish oil. If you’re a true CrossFitter, you’ll know that the Paleo Diet is the optimal eating program for CrossFit athletes. But less well known is that MightyOmega is the optimal omega-3 supplement for CrossFit athletes. Why? Let me count the ways: 1. A low heat extraction process using only gentle, eco-friendly carbon dioxide and no harsh solvents like hexane or ethanol. This cutting-edege process is called SuperCritical Extraction 2. A 6.5 to 1 ratio of EPA to DHA to resolve, not inhibit, healthy inflammation. This ratio is called the Functional Omega ratio. 3. No potentially allergenic enteric coatings 4. Easy-to-swallow 800mg capsules 5. Concentrated so results happen at 2 - 4 caps daily 6. Undetectable levels of heavy metals and organic pollutants 7. Use of small fish like sardines and anchovies for sustainability and purity (larger fish accumulate more toxins and metals in their fatty tissues) Yes, what I’m suggesting here is to dump your generic fish oil for MightyOmega--just like you dumped your generic fitness program for CrossFit and your generic eating program for Paleo (if you haven’t switched over to Paelo yet, give it a try soon--you’ll be delighted with the results). So, find your current fish oil supplement, grab it and run straigh to the garbage can. Seriously though, the longer you take a conventional omega-3 supplement, the longer you’re going to have to wait to experience cutting-edge omega results. So, grab a bottle of MightyOmega the next time you’re at CrossFit Van--just ask one of the Coaches or come into Training Fx. Take my advice, and you’ll see these results: ● Less muscle soreness ● Greater range of motion in your joints ● More energy ● Better mood ● Better memory And, as an added benefit, other powerful changes will also happen: ● Your good cholesterol levels, called HDL, will increase ● Your blood fats, called triglycerides, will decrease ● Your blood will become less sticky and flow better ● Cell membranes will become more fluid and flexible ● Hormones will work more efficiently because of these more flexible cell membranes ● Genetic expression will shift towards health and away from disease CrossFit workouts challenge your body to adapt. This adaptation process is an ancient one and involves a process called inflammation. When properly supported with rest and nutrition, this “healthy” inflammatory process creates not only greater health, but also adaptation (stronger muscles, tendons and ligaments). Eating Paleo and using the biologically active, undamaged omega-3 fatty acids of EPA and DHA in a 6.5 : 1 ratio is the best way to support this “healthy” inflammatory process to completion. Then, you’ll show up at your next workout fully recovered, adapted and ready to engage. If you have questions or comments, you can come see me at Training Fx or shoot me an e-mail at Thursday's lesson Plan: Warm Up: 6 double wall balls, run 2 laps, x 5 Tech: 10 x 10 Over head Squats Wod: 350m, row 20 burpees, 350m row and old Tbear classic patty :)