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Maximum Effort

imageMy month off gave me a tremendous amount of time to let my creative side ponder alternative ways to push everyone's work capacity to the next level. As muscle memory progresses our adaptation to repeated movements become a little less effective - so we play with some tweaked but still super functional and effective movements to add extra little pieces to our skill set. Think about the butterfly pull-up, the thruster before crossfit was around, the double squating wallball (2Fer), the triple-under. We coaches continue our pursuit for excellent programming within our 5 coach rotation format. We all need data from our athletes to tweak and adjust our focus for you the athlete. Later this week, I'll touch on some potential additional training that many of you fire-breathers should be taking on in addition to just hitting the open classes. More later... For Tuesday, and to mostly satisfy my curiosity but also for us to gain some additional insight where the majority of us are in our training these days - this one is going to be a little different. A little difficult. But definitely a fun one for us all to enjoy and test. As you can see they're majorily (is that a word?) about speed. But, of course, many if not all the 10 general physical skills will take "supporting" roles. Get in groups of 3 or 4 for testing - each group will have a stop watch and a couple people to count and motivate the person performing the task. Coaching will warm you up then rotate all of you through these shorter, relatively quicker - higher workload tasks. Rest as needed between the lot but keep it going so your hitting each test within 5 minutes of finishing the last. Test #1 - How fast can you finish 20 pull-ups? Test #2 - How fast can you front squat 95/135lbs for 30 Reps? Racks allowed. Test #3 - How fast can you complete 30 full range GHSU's? Test #4 - How fast can you block jump 20 inches for 30 reps? Rest only on the top of box. Test #5 - How fast can you scamper 100m with 135/85lbs locked out over head? Add up all your times and post to the leaderboard in minutes and seconds. - Block jumps utilize the quick stretch-shortening cycle where the elevated body springs immediately back to the top of the box jump. - The heavy overhead walk is something I stole from Kelly Starrett of CFSanFran - great for midline and shoulder stabilization. Use a shoulder width grip and our 20m indoor back and forth track. Tbear