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Max’s Request

All right, today's workout was a special request by Coach Max. Max started coaching at CrossFit Vancouver and burning up the leader board last summer, Tomorrow is his last day before heading back to Waterloo for his final semester of schooling. We hope to see him back in Van after he is all done. Anyways, Max claims that he has never done this workout at CrossFit Vancouver (we have actually done it before though) and he has been aching to try it out before he heads off. Without further ado. "Diane" 21, 15, 9 Deadlift (225 lbs/155 lbs) Handstand pushups Scale as needed. If the weight is too heavy, that is you cannot maintain multiple repetitions with good form then bring it down a notch. If you are capable of handstand push-ups then go for it. If not, use the progression most challenging to your ability (shoulder press, leg elevated box push-ups, ab-mat head buffer). Oh yeah, Max still hasn't gotten a nickname that has really stuck yet. There have been a few bantered around, Mad Max, Maximus, Hobbit?! Post any suggestions to the comments and if you see one you like post your vote too. Here is a good video of Diane from Diane by CrossFit Kids This is Remington's Diane from the summer just before he moved away.