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Meadow X's Last Blog Chirp

This is the last programming day of my last programming week so I'll say my farewells here but not to worry, I'll be coaching classes until the end of March so you'll see me plenty. If you come join my Wreck Beach Fran you'll also see plenty of (unedited) me (though "plenty" may be an exaggeration). Much of the week I've waxed lyrical about Patty's leadership so I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge the great CF Coaches who all played an important role in my apprenticeship: 1) Andy - The strong, quiet gentleman. There is so much to learn from the consumate technician. Andy has a very cerebral approach to fitness and he is always learning, tinkering, experimenting and sharing the results. Love the tone he sets for the mornings. Can always count on Andy for a sensible solution. Never really has a bad word for anyone. Then again, some mornings you'd need a crowbar to pry a sentence from his lips. 2) Shep - We all have a favourite group class coach and mine was always Shep. He's tough, pushes you but most importantly he always fosters a strong sense of community. He's approachable and easy to talk to, eager to help out and offer coaching if you're willing to take it. And he always remembers my birthday. 3) TBear - Prototypical engineer. Ask him a question that has to do with the mechanics of human movement, I dare you! You want to know how something works, T is your man! His nickname is also very appropriate. He may seem stand-offish at first but he is actually just a shy guy. When he knows you he opens up like a beautiful flower and he is steadfastly loyal. I'm sure he's thrilled to be reading this description of himself. 4) Charlie Palmer - All Heart! Biggest heart in a community filled with big-hearted people. If you want to attend a CFV love-in, try his 8pm group classes, they have a warm, welcoming vibe all their own. Calcium Carbonate of friendship? I barely passed chemistry so not sure what that means, if it means he's a great guy, then I agree wholeheartedly. 5) Kermit - Only person at CFV that I was really intimidated by. For months. When I finally worked up the courage to approach her I discovered what a friendly, fun person she is. And what an athlete! 6) Emily - Since Emily is the coach replacing me in the mornings I thought I should add a word or two. Everyone knows she is a star athlete and a CFV workhorse but she is also the most down-to-earth, good-humoured person. Easy (and fun) to talk to, I want to hate her for being more of a man than me (bitch!) at just about everything but it is impossible not to love her! Thanks to the other apprentices who coached and supported me along the way and to our tribal elders, CFV veterans, like the Pup, who aren't coaches but are always generous with coaching new guys like me as we're learning the ropes. CrossFit Vancouver is one special community. Take care of one another. Keep loving one another. Keep having fun. Don't go taking yourself too seriously or getting PC on me while I'm away! This week has been emotional, thanks for indulging me. What better way to finish up than breaking a classic CFV video out from the vault for some nostalgia: Saturday Technique: Review workout movements, review muscle-up progressions Workout: Cassius Clay 3 Deadlift (315/205lbs) 3 Muscle Ups 3 Clean and Jerks (185/100lbs) 2 Rope Climbs 1 Box Jump (24″/36″) 250m Lulu/Opera run (around the old Lulu building) 5 Rounds Sunday: Make Up Day Lunger out