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Meat Packs Available this Friday the 17th of May

Meat Packs Available this Friday the 17th of May

Hey,  I'll be reloaded the freezer with fresh meat and fish and just wanted to send out a reminder to all our members that have been requesting the Cleaner Bacon, Lean Turkey, Veal Porterhouses, Halibut, Salmon and the most delicious Ribeye's from Blue Goose Farms.  They are a nice treat at 14oz a piece and bbq so well.

I also have 500g grass-fed ground and Italian sausage packs as well that make good options for some breakfast protein.

Let me know if your interested in purchasing a small, medium or large custom assorted pack.

They'll be priced at:

$100 for Small Order

$150 for Medium Order

$200 for Large Order

  • The Seafood comes from Haida Gwaii, 
  • The bacon is the cleanest I can get in the lower mainland
  • Beef is all 100% grass-fed

Give me a text (604).808.6347 or email at if your interested or have any questions.