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Meet Christian Sloan

image Christian Sloan – Making the Waiter/Actor Cliché Work We’ve all heard it before: The waiter that is really an actor just waiting for that big break. Well Christian Sloan, 36, waiter at Cardero’s, just might have gotten it. Last year he was cast in the lead role of the web series “Om Sweet Om”. He is “Rama Yana”, a Yoga Master that has… Shall we say… A way with the ladies. Born in Victoria, Christian got involved in acting around grade 12 although he has been studying it much more seriously in the last 10 years. He loves theatre but TV and movies pay better. Somehow Christian has developed a specialty in abuse. He’s had roles where he’s been killed by a vampire twice, gone insane with drugs and punched out. Quite a niche he’s developed for himself. wink He says having the CrossFit body really gives him an edge in the industry. Surely it was a factor in being cast as Rama Yana. Christian is celiac and learning about nutrition at CrossFit Vancouver has proved invaluable for him in dealing with it. “CrossFit has shown me my limitations and empowered me to push past them”. Engaged last year I asked him what his fiancée thinks of some of the scenes he is shooting in Om Sweet Om. He replied laughingly “Oh Ya! She’s a big fan!” Wondering what happens on set when he shoots some of these racier scenes he quoted Al Guiness. When talking to his partner before the scene is shot: “I apologize if I get an erection. And I apologize if I don’t”. Check out the series at Om Sweet Om Its great to see a member of our community making CrossFit work for them. Cheers Christian!! W/U: Coaches Choice Tech: 3 Rep Max Deadlift WOD: Christine 3 Rounds 500m Row 12 Body weight deadlifts 21 box jumps 20"