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Meet Rico and Mandy

So many of you know Mandy and Rico. However for those who don’t, they are part of the younger crowd in the gym. Two fresh-faced, incredible athletes!

I’ve been at Madlab for a while and I am proud to have the pleasure of being Mandy and Rico’s coach. They started their journey through the Madlab Youth Warriors under the LANYAR program. I started out as a volunteer then eventually became the programs coach. I have to admit, I grew to love these guys a little too much and am a very proud “Momma Alex”.

These two started as part of the Madlab Youth Warriors (MLYW) program, which I used to coach every Friday (and Tuesday in the summer). After a few years of working with these two, as well as other youth warriors, they have since graduated into the main classes and have grown so much.

Rico has been coming to Madlab for 6 years now where the first 4 were with the program and Mandy going on 5 with the first 3 in the program too. I can literally say that for my whole life here in Canada, I have been coaching them and watching them grow into the people they are today - Strong, Independent Young Adults who live a whole and healthy lifestyle.

So if you see them, give them a hi-five!

Here are a few pictures of the two!



All the Love,