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Member Post | Luca Citton

Don't be fooled by his chic demeanor (batman and cat t-shirts) and city-boy ways (drives a Fiat, lives in loft in Gastown); lawyer Luca Citton is worth every penny of his fee. Count on Matlock to visit the crime scene, scope out the clues everyone else missed, and dramatically reveal the real criminal (usually a killer) during a climactic trial sequence...

...wait, he reminds me that he isn’t that kind of lawyer.

He apparently practices in the areas of Corporate and Commercial Law. He advises clients on the structuring, sale and continuing operation of a range of businesses, from small and medium enterprises through to national and multinational corporations. Two notable clients of his are Craig Patterson, owns MadLab, and Simona Heger, owns me. When Luca isn’t wrapped up in legal tape branding his own style of vigilante justice, he is volunteering his time as President of Vancouver’s Italian Cultural Centre and various other local non-profits. He is also one of the dedicated volunteers who has guided the Vancouver New Year’s Eve Celebration Society along its crash course to throwing the biggest party Vancouver has ever seen.

When I first began running the Sunday 10 Class, he was a regular staple. I didn’t know much about him beyond being Patty’s lawyer, and being related to Marco (who I didn’t know much about either). For the MadLab record, I have no idea why these two were not even thought to be referred to as Mario and Luigi, as in the Super Mario Brothers, they’re Italian. As the months passed we developed a rapport, at some point he figured my skill set could be of service to him. I some how agreed to meet him at 7am every Wednesday for the next 2 years, except if he had bad sushi or I had Indian the night before.

"If this had happened last year I would still be in bed."

was this the back or the sushi from Rogers Arena?

He sent me some MRI’s, told me the progressive decline of his everyday comfort, and we got to work. If there is one thing I understand, it’s the feeling of rehabbing a back. It takes time, the results don’t come quick, and you just have to keep showing up and doing the work. From laying on the ground for days after an everyday happening, to barbell hip thrusting 250 pounds, we’re on the road to remodelling a future. There is always the risk of the unforeseen setback, but through scientific principles and progressive mobility, we can mitigate injury and bulletproof the body. From bad backs to vertebros, we talk comic universes, and I have been advised by my lawyer to not reveal anymore about our...

...still, not that kind of lawyer.

Friendship, much like mobility starts with mastering the basics and staying frequent in your exposures. You can work hard, and still enjoy the process. From a mob(ility)ster to a mobster, here's to more years of...

...still, not that kind of Italian.

From right to left: random party photo angel, Luca Citton, Kristine St-Laurent, Emile Maxwell Connaughton, Simona Heger.