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The Cheerful Donna Clark

I must say, when I first met Donna I wasn't to sure how things were going to go. She first mentioned to me that her sister was going to a gym in North Vancouver and that she had noticed great physical and mental improvement. 

She was interested to see if we could help her experience the same results. 

After meeting and laying out a plan, she was in. Her exact words were something like. "I'm in. I can't afford to not take care of myself anymore. I am totally worth the money." 

Since then she has been diligent and coachable and willing to put in the work to improve in the areas that need immediate attention. For example, an unfriendly amount of shoulder CARS every time she walks through the gym doors. 

In just six months of training, Donna admitted cross-country skiing felt a lot easier this winter. As her coach, I can tell you her squat has also drastically improved, as well as her general movement patterns. 

Donna, you're a pleasure to coach: You're also one the most kind people I have encountered in my time at the gym. Your smilie and willingness to befriend anyone doesn't go unnoticed.