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4 Years of Fitness at MLSOF

Jon is one of those guys who does an excellent job of flying under the radar. I'm not sure if this is intentional or not or if it's just due to the fact that he mostly attends the often baron class of 7am. Maybe it's also due to the fact that Jon has never once come to a Saturday class or has yet to attend a community event. (This would explain why it's so hard to find a picture of him)

In all seriousness Jon is my second longest client standing and only by a few days. He has been at the gym since March of 2013. 

He came through the doors looking be stronger and he has achieved just that. Not only can I say Jon is exponentially stronger but he is also much more co-ordinated, controlled and believe it or not, flexible than he was when he first walked into the gym.

Over the years we talked, motorcycles, tattoos, movies, people and of course, fitness. I always learn something new about Jon every time we hang out. 

He comes in, works hard and knows where his opportunities for growth lie. We have developed some specfic strategies for Jon over the course of his time at the gym, and although he has had a few very small set backs, he has been regularly been attending the gym two to three times a week for the last four years. 

Longevity is the game and Jon plays it well. 

I'm stoked to have you around and I look forward to seeing you become a Tribal elder next year. 

Coach Tom.